Tuesday, April 26, 2011

TinkersCottage on Etsy

Tell us a bit about yourself:
Let's see. I never know what to say about myself... I am a marine spouse whose husband just deployed. I grew up the daughter of a marine and mom always hung the flag out every holiday and 4th of July was always a big deal for us growing up. We always went to the 4th of July picnic where the community would all get together, play games like gunny sack races, dads would do the tug-a-war and mom always made dresses for me and my sis that matched in red, white and blue. So, I grew up very patriotic and it transcended into my work.

What do you enjoy; other than crafting?
I enjoy picking. I am an antique collector and love taking off in the car with mom and seeing what we can find, also, I plan to open my own shop here locally at years end. I will add my own pieces of furniture I make and my signs. I love traveling, screenwriting, theater and traveling.

Describe your creative process:
My creative process is finding things that restore America's history. I feel we are losing the historical values we were brought up with. I know it's silly but if I'm at a baseball game or somewhere and the Star Spangled Banner begins, I always shed a tear - call me sentimental. I research old items and try to recreate some of that history the best that I can. I work best early in the morning but the saws and sanders can be a wake-up to neighbors.

Favorite material(s)?
My favorite materials are woods - especially recycled barn wood though hard to find. If it has old barn paint on it, even better. I love stains because they give the item a certain smell so when you walk into the room you get that primitive sense of something just made. I also like to add a cinnamon stick to all my items especially at Christmas time for that seasonal sense as well.

What do you love most about creating things?
The thing I love most about creating things is knowing how much someone who receives one of my items loves it. It's very hard sometimes to part with something I made but I do... you have to if you want to have a business.

What inspires you?
My mother inspires me because of her patriotism and her craftiness. When I was a little girl I use to watch her sew and then hand bead my skating costumes and they were gorgeous! As for starting my business, Glenn Beck inspired me to start my business of making patriotic items. I started reading many of the books he recommended like "George Washington" and many other old books. I was so inspired to make something of myself and spend everyday doing something good. I'm currently working with a charity organization for military families and a percentage of all my military inspired signs will be donated to this cause. Between Beck and my mother, I am driven to help as well as create.

I hope this sums me up. I really love what I do. It took some time... a LONG time but I finally found my niche thanks to mom and Glenn and of course my husband who taught me how to use tools. :)
To vistis TinkersCottage and see her amazing items go to  http://www.etsy.com/tinkerscottage

Thursday, April 21, 2011

PatrisCorner on Etsy

This is the first post of my (hopefully) weekly featured sellers!
Todays seller is: Patris Corner!

Tell us about yourself:
As a child, I remember when my father would take us to my grandmother’s house. I would love to look at the many ways she would make her piecework bedspreads. Since then, I would sit down in her home and watch her sew away, piece by piece, each piece of fabric sewed together and eventually becoming part of the bedspread, and eventually taking shape. Many years later, when my children were born, I enjoyed making similar bedspreads for them. I made colorful crib sets to fun blankets and throws, as they grew and developed so did my ideas.

 What do you do?
Well, I’m in the embroidery business. I work for a small sports shop in Miami that embroiders sportswear for local high schools and universities. I’ve been working there for over 15 years and am extremely happy with what I do. It’s a nice creative outlet. I’m also a mother to three children turned adults, a wife (married for 30 years), a daughter, sister and grandma. In my free time, I like to scour the internet for new crafty ideas and finish the projects I have already started.

How would you describe your creative process?
I’m a big fan of bold and bright colors! So, my ideas usually are colorful ideas! Usually, it’s based on different color combinations and sizes of fabrics and what I can make with them. There are a lot of ideas that are scraped at the beginning for one reason or another, sometimes I mix my ideas. Those ideas are usually the items posted in my Etsy store.

 What handmade possession do you most cherish?
Currently, there’s a bag that I made that I LOVE! It’s navy and there’s a colorful octagon shaped design on it. The bag also has brown leather straps as well. I also have plenty of wallets, quilts, etc., but this bag has a certain place in my heart.

How do you get out of your creative ruts?
A break. Sometimes I like to sew, sew, sew and don’t really focus on what I am making. When this happens, I know I need a bit of rest, a cup of coffee, cookies and a magazine
What inspires you?
Colors, fabrics, shapes. I think everything I see influences and inspires me one way or the other.
I hope you like my answers

You can visit PatrisCorner on etsy!  http://www.patriscorner.etsy.com/

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Knitting Adventures...

I finaly did it! After years of cowering away from sock patterns I knit a sock!
I just conquered a mountiain (a small mountain made of cold feet and sock patterns. Wow. That brings an interesting picture to mind doesn't it?)

Now I just have to make the other one!

Project #2:
                                        I'm making a baby afghan!
Here is a sneak peak:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Chicks :)

     Well, I finally started a blog! We'll see how it goes; I don't think I'm very interesting but those who love crafts will probablly enjoy this. On this blog I will be posting patterns, projects, accomplishments, sales, new fabrics and probably (hopefully) more.

-I heart you
    It is finally starting to look like spring here in good 'ole Minnesota. The birds are chirping, the snow is finally almost gone and easter is right around the corner! Here are some cute girl headbands I made perfect for your little ones easter basket. (or for mommy) :)

-Blue candy stripes

-Little Lady Ladybugs

-Spring Sky

-Pretty Pink Swirls