Thursday, December 22, 2011


      Hi again everyone! I know its been years since my last post (okay maybe not quite that long) but I suddenly felt the urge to come on and write another post. This post is all about Heartsy.

     Heartsy is a website like Groupon or Living Social that instead of offering great deals on large businesses, offers great deals for Etsy sellers instead.

      Features on Heartsy last 3 days with the first day being only for Heartsy VIPs and the other to days are open to anyone. In order to be featured you must first submit your "deal" information for the Heartsy community to vote on. Once this voting period is over they will then contact you within a certain number of days telling you whether or not you get the feature. Last month I tried for the third time to get featured and guess what? I am featured today! :D

     The info:   My deal costs $10 for $21 of store credit. If you are a Heartsy VIP (which means you are paying Heartsy $10 a month for special privileges) you recieve $31 of store credit for $10. I am so excited to have this oppurtunity and hope you will stop by and take a look at my shop!!!!!! Thanks everyone and have a great Christmas!

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